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This is the idiom of Sigal Bussel, a young American woman artist who, in her approach to the culture of abstractionism, minimalism and the Cubist principles, has arrived at a distinct voice of her own.  It is a voice which prevails over the noise and even the shrill of our ‘commercialized’ environment, impressing us as a silent antithesis of the poster-like images.  In this sense, the autobiographically experienced passes over into a procession of signs, dominated by the impersonalized human image.  

Peter Frank

Former Senior Curator, Riverside Art Museum and Art Critic, Angeleno Magazine and L.A. Weekly

Your work is constantly playing with positives and negatives, not ambiguities of meaning but contrary meanings manifested in the same image, in the same material.  The roughness of the material with which you’ve fabricated the recent freestanding sculptures is also very sensuous.  The chains indicate security and yet entrapment; the rendition of the silhouettes on painting brings forth the individual against the field but obscure the details of the individual at the same time.  Is that obscuring a suppression of the individual’s character or enhancing this individual’s ability to represent all of us?  Rather, all these questions but none of them are ambiguous - it’s an either-or situation, figure/ground, it’s a binary relationship, an existential dialectic.  As a result, it sets up an emotional rhythm throughout your work, because we are sure of what it means and at the same time we are sure it means exactly the opposite.

Arturo Arditti

Principal, Arditti+RDT

Bussel's artistic progression exemplifies a congruent evolution, which takes us through her creative process, triggered by an unsatisfied vitality in search of a constant need to elevate her introspections to unexplored fields, unexplored outcomes. Her creative process carries a unique reflection of a world seen, a world not yet explored, a sense of compassion and an endearing passion. I find in Bussel an enriched simplicity that can only be achieved by an intrinsic artistic geniality.

The Honorable Barry Brucker

Former Mayor of the City of Beverly Hills

Bussel’s innovative work is epic in scale, personal in its impact and sheds light on the important issues of our time, both for the individual and humanity as a whole.

Ambassador Nancy McEldowney

United States Ambassador to Bulgaria

Critically acclaimed American artist Sigal Bussel captured our imagination with her exhibit at the National Gallery of Foreign Art, and her workshops with Bulgarian students will influence a new generation of artists in Bulgaria. 

Peter Frank

Former Senior Curator, Riverside Art Museum and Art Critic, Angeleno Magazine and L.A. Weekly

You began with a creation of a universal figure. It’s been constantly coming across in your materials, formats, and symbols, things that are understood by most if not all people. The spiritual and ethical substance of your work is to bring us back to our own values, our awareness of our own values, and as well the commonality of our humanity, the fact that we share flesh, blood and space with every other human being.

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